Rather than designing objects to represent human’s behavior, These Are My Tears project is involved in a sentimental issue like human’s emotional tears. The project was designed to show the potential of technology that it can incorporate with human’s complicated pleasure. In my opinion, I found that the utilisation of technology for such purpose is an essential issue. In this project, I propose to use an antibody technology which embedded on the handkerchief. An embedded antibody on the handkerchief will change into colours following each specific hormones. It also is poetic as it is finely selected to perfectly suit the task. These Are My Tears also talks about a metaphorical transformation from one object to another object, which intended to embody memorable moments into artefacts hope they will last longer.

The value of expressing emotion is overlook, what was done is done. No one really knows how to capture and preserve that particular moment, and unfortunately the memories sometimes were lost. Human emotion is an abstract production from human passion. Making it tangible, will it be manageable for people to act towards those production? Noticeably, bioscience sometimes becomes a blind spot of technology that can be integrated with design. This is because the incomprehension of advance science makes technology become invisible, nanotechnology for example. To bring both intangible emotion and not visible technology to become perceptibility, the user has to acknowledge through participating in the project process. The frustrated feeling of not understanding the invisible will become clear, the answer is in a handkerchief. Regardless of discovering a passionate method to preserve emotional expression, this project aims to open another potential of blending bioscience with the world of design.

These Are My Tears is a product for sensitive person, tender capturing and protecting your valuable tears. Decoding your emotion through the color changes and to create everlasting precious memory for the time to come.

these are my tears from kanittha mairaing on Vimeo.