Lots of people now having an anger suffering and this could come from many reasons. First of all, what is anger? Anger is "an emotional state of human being it could be start from simple annoyance to strong furiousness” The appropriate way to deal with anger emotion is to express it out but normally people tends to respond the angry aggressively from both conscious and unconscious behaviors.

Anger seems to show a lot of potential energy but we tends to use it to express the anger feeling out in order to satisfied our emotional desire only. Why don’t we just try to use our energy which been released from anger expression in a different way?

Personally, I think that because of the anger emotion is subjective things so it is really difficult to deal with intangible object. This ‘the Emotional BreadBook’ purpose is to ease the way we deal with our emotion is to make it to be visible one. The way to do this is express our anger through ‘the Emotional Bread’ (Flour mix or Ready dough) kneading up like we release our anger through punching pillow but by this way you can physically touch you anger, form it and bake it!

The Emotional Bread Book is an instruction book for using the Emotional Bread to de-escalate an unwanted emotion expression. Punch it..Bake it!

The Emotional BreadBook from kanittha mairaing on Vimeo.