According to the current situation of Thai culture, we encounter with many problems. To be in a modern society, we are busy competing and fighting for ourselves in order to survive and finally forget to take care of little things in life and people around. Thai society has been becoming a society that gradually cuts itself from sympathy and empathy.

The project 'PIF - Pay It Forward' was established by Rungnapa Mongkolnit, Kittiya Areemit, Nitipak Samsen and Myself, Kanittha Mairaing. Our aim was to create a social awareness, encouraging people to express their will of ending a hand to those in need. We wanted to urge Thai young generation to begin to think of others who needs help.

We created a communication pattern between the orphan girl in 'Baan Rajchavitee' in Bangkok and the buyer. We created a scheme to sell our design t-shirts by matching 2 particular t-shirts for a pair. One is for sale to the buyer, while another is a donated item for a child at the orphanage house. We then gave away a t-shirt to an orphan girl, informing them that it was supported by someone who would like to help her. This pattern was applied to all the children in the orphanage house. Then the children wrote a thank you cards back to the buyers to depress their gratitude. So when someone bought a t-shirt on the event day, the person also received a picture of a particular sponsored girl who is his/her pair as well as a thank you card.

I believe that, whatever your age and gender, however much is your strength, we can be a part in healing the society. PIF was crested to stimulate Thai young generation of today to feel a sense of responsibility to the society and for them to start concerning about others.

For more information please visit : PIF Communication pattern

pay it forward from kanittha mairaing on Vimeo.